Monday, September 22, 2008

Throttle and Clutch Final Assemblies

While Amos was doing all his work on the brake pedal and actuator assembly, I fabricated the bracket that the front end of the throttle spring would be pressing against.

I also drilled out the rivets in the corresponding bracket for the clutch spring and cut a quarter of an inch off the bottom of the bracket to make it match the length of the new throttle spring bracket, and then riveted the little angle bracket back on.

I did this to lower the height of the front end of the pedal pushrods so the pushrods would be more nearly level. I thought this would look better, and also it fixed it so the up-stop (the large steel and rubber washers at the front of the assembly) were resting nearly flat against the front side of the spring end bracket.

At this point I was ready to assemble the spring end brackets and their diagonal braces to the clutch and throttle platforms. After a bunch of drilling and riveting, the job was done and the throttle and clutch pedal assemblies were complete.

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