Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Mockup Pedal Stand

Last Friday while Amos was at school or running cross country practice or something frivolous like that, I knocked together a mockup floor stand for the pedals out of scrap wood. This is to help us determine the height and angle of the pedal platforms from the floor before we build the actual stand.

The height of the pedals from the floor is critical because I don't want to have to keep lifting my foot up off the floor to actuate the pedals. I am hoping I'll be able to operate them with the ball of my foot, except that I'll need to lift my heel and rotate it to the right to blip the throttle when heel and toeing.

Here are a few photos of the throttle pedal assembly sitting on the stand. Note the pieces temporarily clamped in place on the top of the pedal platform; once everything is finalized, we'll rivet them in place.

Yes, that handsome fellow checking out the pedal operation is Amos!

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