Monday, September 22, 2008

Three Fine Assemblies

With all three assemblies completed, we of course had to line them up on the mockup stand to see how they looked all in a row like soldiers.

Be sure to click on the images to see the larger 800x600 images. These show a lot more detail.

Don't these things look terrific?

The next steps will involve dismantling the pedal assemblies so we can drill half inch holes in the aluminum channel sections for the 1/2" galvanized steel rods that will support the pedal platforms.

We waited to drill these holes until we had completed the assemblies because we wanted to make sure that wherever we ran the steel rods through, they wouldn't interfere with bolt heads or rivets or anything else attached to the sides or undersides of the channel section pedal platforms.

Now that we know where everything has ended up, we can position the holes for the rods with confidence.

After that, all that will remain will be construction of the actual pedal base and installation of the load cell controller and wiring.

By the way, the day after we did this work on the pedal project, Amos totally destroyed the absolute lap record at Rocky Ridge in his stock-engined shifter kart. He won the heat race going away and was charging in the feature when a hub broke and put him out, leaving the way clear for his dad to take his own first shifter kart feature win. With one race day to go, Amos has a healthy lead in the Vermont Shifter Kart Stock 80 championship.

Way to go, Amos!

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