Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hot Shoes

And now, at last, we get to see the pedals in action (sort of).

Here are some shots of the clutch and brake pedal assemblies sitting on top of the mockup floor stand. Don't they look cool?

We haven't got a throttle assembly yet. I know I said we did in an earlier post, but actually that was the clutch assembly masquerading as the throttle assembly so we could gauge the relationship of the throttle pedal to the floor.

In reality, the throttle and clutch assemblies will be identical except that the throttle will have a longer pedal pad to facilitate heel and toeing.

But in our case, the first pedal shaft and platform assembly Amos made has a little bit of play in the pivot between the two, because Amos was learning how to deal with a slightly bent chuck in his dad's drill press. This makes the drill bit wobble and makes it difficult to produce holes that are precisely the right size and in precisely the right place.

By the time he made the second and third pedal shafts, Amos had mastered a technique that allowed him to drill extremely precise holes despite the defective chuck. Since a small amount of side to side wobble is less critical in the clutch than it will be in the throttle and brake (again, for heeling and toeing we want them to be stable laterally) we've decided to use the first assembly for the clutch and use the more precise later assemblies - which have no play at all - for throttle and brake.

Anyway, in these shots you can see how the assemblies will look when finally mounted on the finished pedal stand (which we haven't started building yet).

Amos kindly contributed his shoes so that we could demonstrate the operation of the pedals. The shoes are having a rather hard time heeling and toeing, though, because of the absence of the missing throttle pedal.

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