Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Trial Fitting

Finally the pedal unit is "home"! Here are some shots of its trial fitting under the desk in my racing dormer.

I had to modify the table that holds the monitor, wheel, shifter, mouse, and keyboard. The horizontal crosspiece at the rear of the legs that gave it a modicum of horizontal stability was too low to clear the tops of the pedal mechanisms, so I had to move it up about two inches.

Now the table's legs are even more wobbly, so my next project, once the pedals are done, is going to be to add some boards to the outside of the legs and some 1x1's in between to create a box section, which should be much stiffer.

Another small thing I did was to add plastic glides to the bottoms of the "feet", front and rear, and also projecting out from the rear surface of the feet, resting against the baseboard to prevent the feet from damaging the nice quarter-round molding at the intersection of the floor boards and the baseboard.

Anyway, this trial fitting shows that the pedals do indeed fit into their planned location, and they seem to look quite happy there!

What's left? The wiring, and fine tuning the pedal ranges and angles. Then I can try them!

Also I need to make a nice heel board out of poplar, and if I find I'm happy with the pedal heights and angles, I'll go back out to Amos' and use his table saw to make some poplar legs and feet to replace the temporary pine pieces.

PS. Please ignore the mess on the floor behind the pedals. There's a surge suppressor and a UPS and a bunch of cables. That will all be tidied up once the pedal installation is finalized. I promise!


Leigh Russell said...

Who would even notice the mess on the floor with all that going on! I looked in because I was intrigued... how do you build a car???

I stumbled across your blog because you read crime thrillers, which I write. Check out my blog if you're interested - nothing as clever as building cars, I'm afraid. Just thoughts on writing crime fiction.

Alison Hine said...


Thanks for your comment! Building a car is a big task, but a lot of people are doing it. You can buy a kit, which you assemble, and have somebody paint it.

Yes, I read crime thrillers. Your blog is interesting to me, particularly because I am now in the process of revising and polishing my first novel - which involves a murder and lots of car racing!